36″ Nimbus Nightfox Unicycle

The Nimbus Nightfox  was designed to allow almost anybody to ride a 36" unicycle. The legs of the frame are adjustable instead of using a traditional seatpost.


UniGeezer – Ride & Review: 36″ Nimbus Nightfox Unicycle

Check out UniGeezer’s review on the new Nimbus Nightfox, which gives you all the facts about this amazing unicycle.


Nimbus Oracle Promotional Video

This is a promotional video about the Nimbus Oracle. This video shows the 24" version of the Nimbus Oracle. You can tell its the 24" as it has the Orange Rim.

Nimbus Oracle Range:
24" = Orange
26" = Red
29" = Blue
36" = Green

We would like to thank:
Edd Hawkes - Footage & Video/Audio Editing
Leo Hawkes - Voiceover & Riding Shots
Roger Davies - Voiceover
Nick Curwen - Graphics


Nimbus Oracle in 29″ and 36″

After the amazing success of the 24" and the 26" Nimbus Oracle, Nimbus are releasing a 29" and a 36" version. These will be both have the Nimbus inboard disc system and aluminium frames like the previous versions.

As before colours will indicate size, this time round Blue will be 29" Oracle and Green will be 36" Oracle. These unicycles will be released November worldwide so keep an eye on your local Unicycle.com. We will release more details of specifications closer to the release.


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Updates on NimbusUnicycles.com

We are currently updating NimbusUnicycle.com watch out for new pages and new products coming soon.

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Nimbus ‘Cyko-Lite’ Tyre 20 x 2.5″

Nimbus are releasing their very own trials tyre, the Cyko-Lite! This tyre is massive jump for trials and street riders as it only weighs an amazing 840 grams, almost 200 grams lighter then the Monty Eagles Claw!


24″ Nimbus ‘Oracle’ Muni


Nimbus Disk Brake System


Nimbus ‘Flat’ Saddle Review by Jason Auld

Nimbus are releasing the new Nimbus Flat saddle in April which is designed for Trials and Street rides. Naturally every new product is tested extensively so who better to give this product a good testing and review, Jason Auld. If you don't know who Jason is, former UK Street Champion and the team manager of the UK's only Extreme Unicycle Display Team Voodoo Unicycles. Their head man was sent the first production version and here is what he said:


Oregon Trials – Extreme Unicycling

Just turned 56, and still tearin' it up! UniGeezer rides his Nimbus Oregon 26er Mountain Unicycle with 4" wide monster tire, in backyard trials, up close with his uni-cable-cam and more! And here's a HUGE coincidence...I had NO idea this was in the song. Listen at 2:17 and you'll see what I mean!